Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by  Andrew S.

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is a fiction book based on Egyptian mythology. It is the first book of the Kane Chronicles. The author also wrote the Percy Jackson series. It is about two siblings named Carter and Sadie Kane. When they were in England with their dad they went to a museum and their dad accidentally blew up the Rosetta Stone; killing himself and releasing five gods all taking over someone. Their dad was possessed by Osiris, Carter was possessed by Horus, and Sadie was possessed by Isis. There are two others who got released Set, an evil god who is building a red pyramid to gain power, and Nypthys, a goddess that knows the key to defeating Set. After Carter and Sadie's house gets attacked, they must wander through the country to try to defeat Set and avoid getting caught and killed by the House of Life because they are hosting gods. With the help of a minor god named Bast (aka Sadie's cat, Muffin), they try to save the world.

One of the characters is Carter Kane. He is Sadie's older brother and before this adventure lived and traveled with his dad. He was possessed by Horus and really good at battle magic. I definitely liked the book. I did because I like the mytholigical fiction books. I would recommend the book to anyone who likes the Percy Jackson series or Egyptian mythology. In conclusion, The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is a great book.

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