Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Vampire Diaries:Shadow Souls Review by: Sarah C

In this book, Elena is looking for Stefan... but she will need the help of an unexpected friend- Damon, Stefan's older brother and the one who betrayed him. When a kitsune, a fox spirit named Shinichi told Damon he could lock away Stefan in the Shi no Shi, the death of death, he tells Damon he would be able to have Elena. Damon tells Stefan that if he goes, he will be able to become human and be with Elena as a human,he falls for it and is locked away. Although Damon Promises to help Elena get his brother back, it takes a long time to figure out where the gate to the underworld is and once they get there, Elena finds herself falling for Damon. They work together to get to Blodewoulds mansion where they will find the key to get to the cell. But they also need the help of Elenas' friends Bonnie, a witch, Matt, Elenas' ex-boyfriend, and Meridith a great friend. However, an old friend of Elenas named Caroline is going to give birth to werewolf babies and Shinichi is hunting them down guarding Stefan's cell. Elena is determined to get Stefan back and even though Damon always said he hated him, he too, needs his brother again. How will he get his brother back... and what will happen to Damon? Read Vampire Diaries: Shadow souls to find out!

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