Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Blind Side Reviewed by Caroline S.

The Blind Side by Michael Lewis is an unforgettable book. Before I read this book, I thought it would almost fully be about football. But I was wrong. This book is about the story of Michael Oher and really how comforting a family can be to someone who they don't even know. Michael's mother is a drug addict, he has an uncountable number of siblings and has been to many foster homes. Michael has never been educated. He was a sophomore and he had the learning ability of a third grader. His life story is very sad. But this was about to turn around.

It was a snowy day and Leigh Anne Touhy was driving and saw Michael... with no shelter. She picked him up and his life completely turned around. The Touhy family did almost everything for Michael. He got a tutor, got fed, and just became a part of their family. They experienced some troubles though. Because of Michael's size, he couldn't even fit in a regular bed! They found a way to comfort him.

Michael had an incredible talent in football. Dozens of colleges wanted him to go to their school and play on their team. But the only thing that was in the way of Michael's chances of going to college was his grades. Would he improve enough to make it to college? When people came to the Briacrest (which was the school that Michael went to) football practice, they were all amazed with the talent that Michael has. They had their cell phones out calling the head coach or other coaches to come see Michael and see what talent he has. This book is a book that I'll never forget and I recommend it to everyone!

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