Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Accidentally Famous by Lisa Papdemetriou: Review by Jackie L.

In the book Accidentally Famous there is a girl named Amy and she has a lot of problems. The book is by Lisa Papdemetriou. Next, she has two good friends that don’t really like each other because of a past experience that you’ll have to read the book to find out. There is also this group called the league and Amy is good friends with one of them named Jenelle. There is also Fiona and she and Amy aren’t good friends since she locked her in a box at her birthday party. So, there are some fashion shows that Jenelle’s mom holds and now Amy is in it, but she is also on the Academic team with her good friend Mitchie. All the fashion shows leave her no time to study, so will she blow off the challenge or not? Also, in one fashion show she saw Fiona messing with her outfits and they were all mixed up and crazy. Jenelle said it was ok, but never really looked at the outfits and Amy went on stage with them. It was a huge mess up, but does it turn out to be good or bad? I thought this was an okay book, but it is packed full of stuff.

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