Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grace's Book Review

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer, epic book that I am almost done this quarter. In the beginning, Bella Swan was not able to talk to Jacob Black, so they passed notes around to each other. Also, what happens, is that Bella, and Edward plan where they will live when they are married, and next, Rosalie Hale (Edward's sister) tells Bella a true story of her life to Bella when she was human, and how she became un-human, and why she wasn't fond of the humans so much. In the middle, Jacob tells the story of the Quillets, and also Jasper tells the story of "New borns". The end is a surprise. Bella Swan, the daughter of Chief Swan, the police of Forks, fiance of an un-human, named Edward Cullen. She has brown hair, and brown eyes, her mother divorced, and re-married with a guy named Phil, and living with her father, Charlie. The setting is in Forks, Washington, and then, in the middle of the book.....Jacob kisses Bella. I really liked it, because there is a lot of excitement, and each page has so many descriptive words, and so un-put-down-able, and astonishing....so many things going on, and, one thing after another. Even though, there are a few swares, I recommend this book to you, and this is better than New moon! And, is Breaking Dawn going to be even better? Find out, and read.

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