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Everything for a Dog by Ann m. Martin Reviewed by Caroline H.


The book Everything for a Dog is the sequel to the award winning book, A Dogs Life. This story tells the tale of a mutt named Bone and his struggle to survive. Bone and his sister Squirrel were the only surviving pups in their litter, their mother cared and looked after them, until that miserable day. It was when Bone was very young he watched her trot away and never come back. I loved this book because of its three stories that come together in the end; it’s a sad book but very moving too. Bone is a confident, faithful, and a dog that perserveres throughout this breathtaking story.

Can you imagine being a dog with no protection and out all alone? In the first story it’s about a boy named Charlie who is healing from a tragedy with the help of a dog. Is it Bone? In the next chapter it’s about a boy named Henry who has always wanted a dog but his parents won’t let him for one special reason that you’ll have to find out if you chose to read this book. If you still don’t get what I’m saying this might help. Imagine this (if you can) a puppy abandoned, living only about two months with its mother, then having to survive the cold harsh world of animal abusers, no food, and weather but all coming together at the end in a unforeseen way.

Will Bone ever find that one true family? Read Everything for a Dog to find out!

The Lightning Thief reviewed by Nick O.

12 year-old Percy Jackson just can not stay out of trouble. All he does is get into fights. Now he is getting kicked out of every middle school he goes to. But over the summer he realizes that he has some special kind of power. Also he finds out that he is the son of Poseidon the god of the sea. Now that he was the son of the Sea God he was always getting attacked by monsters. Then his mom sent him to a camp where he will be protected by the monsters. Later on Poseidon's brother Zeus' master bolt gets stolen. And Percy and his father Poseidon get framed for it. Then Percy and his two friends have to travel from New York to California to find the bolt. Along the way Percy and his friends get attacked by monsters everywhere they are. They have an interesting journey but there is also a shocker at the end. Will Percy and his friends find the bolt? Will they even make it all the way to California? Read The Lightning Thief to find out the shocking event and many other exciting things along the way of Percy Jackson's journey to find Zeus' master bolt.

The Vampire Diaries:The Awakening by L.J Smith review by Sarah Crowley

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening
In this book Elena Gilbert returns from her summer vacation in France and returns to her highschool. She meets a strange new student named Stefan Salvatore. What she soon figures out is that he's a vampire and that he has been alive since the Renaissanse in Italy. She finds herself drawn to him... then his brother damon returns and tries to ruin the relationship. All of this is because of a girl named Katherine who was a vampire and who both Damon and Stefan were in love with long ago. She loved both of them and decided she would turn both of them into vampires and all three of them would live together forever.. that's not how it worked out though. They each wanted her to themselves so when Katherine had bitten them, they were so dissappointed that they killed each other for her, they werent actually dead though. They have to be bitten, killed, then they have to "feed" on human blood to "complete the cycle." When they woke up they found Katherines ring that allows her to walk in the sunlight, and ashes. They had found a note telling them to forget her and to move on. Since then they've blamed each other for the incedent. Now, Elena finds herself drawn to both of them. Damon and Stefan would kill each other for Elena, who will she choose?

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies: Review by Tommy W.

This is a story about two siblings who make a bet that who ever can get one hundred dollars first from selling lemonade will win. The two main characters are Evan and Jessie. Evan makes the bet when he finds out that his little sister is skipping third grade and is going to be in his fourth grade class. Evan knows that Jessie is smarter than him and he does not want to be humiliated. Evan is curious, kind sometimes, and competitive. Jessie is smart, kind sometimes, and tricky. I recommend this book for people who like competition. I enjoyed this book and I think you will too.

The Cobra King of Kathmandu -Reviewed by Paul C.

"The children gasped, for the man marked for death by Guru Masamjhasara was none other than Mr. Groanin." This is only one of the intriguing lines of the story, The Cobra King of Kathmandu. This is the third book of the Children of the Lamp series. The main characters of this series are John and Philippa Gaunt. These two siblings are twins that were living a normal life until one day they had their wisdom teeth extracted. That extraction enabled the two to use superhuman, djinnn powers. They discovered that they descended down from a long race of djinn, preferably known to humans as genies.
The two had to train their supernatural skills with their uncle, Nimrod, who trained them all the ancient djinn laws and rules, along with a few tips with the help of an elderly djinn by the name of Mr. . They learned much and travelled afar in the previous two books to Babylon, and to Egypt to stop a nefarious plot hatched by the evil djinn tribe of the Ifrit. They foiled the polt and imprisoned the most reprehensible djinn of all, Iblis. They travel far and learn much as djinn until they come across a problem that tops all their adventures until now.
After receiving an e-mail from fellow djinn friend, Dybbuk, they travel to an old cottage and find that a killer group has killed innocent civilians in search for a treasure in the possession of Dybbuk. The twin djinnn embark on a journey that takes them to the center of a group that supposubly went down in the 1950's but is back and up to a task that is beyond what the twin djinn have ever faced before.
This book deserves five out of five stars becuase this book tops the rest of the series by a mile. It has the right blend of suspense, thrill, action, and it takes unpredictable turns that drive the book up to five stars. I highly recommend this book and this series to anyone that loves a good fiction series.

Rash by Pete Hautman--Reviewed by Ellie W.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the future, or what it would look like? I know I have. But if you read this book, your thoughts will change greatly about what you think it will be like. In this book, it is late into the twenty-first century, and everyone is living in the USSA, also know as the United Safer States of America. The main character is Bo Marten, just a regular boy. About everything we enjoy in life today is banned in the USSA, like pizza, french fries and sports. Well you can play sports, but will layers and layers of pads on.
The USSA's rules are kind of like baseball. Three strikes and your out. Out to the wilderness, that is. One thing you should know about Bo's family is that they are known for their hot tempers. His father and brother are already out, working for the country. So when Bo gets a third strike because his anger went out of control, he knows he's in for something bad. And he's right. He is sent to a factory way up North to help package food. When he gets there, he is soon greeted by the reality that he was in a whole different world. A world where you could push and poke people without getting arrested. At first he is not very happy, but soon he is recruited to play on their football team.
Being on the football team was a new experience for him, but he learned to love the game. Later on in the book, he is forced to make one of the biggest decisions of his life. Should he leave, or should he stay? You will have to read the book to find out.
I though this book was excellent. I liked how it put the future in a different perspective than we would have usually thought. I don't know about you, but I look at the future with robots and flying cars, but this book has so much more. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy realistic and science fiction. Overall, I would give this book five out of five stars! :)

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The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey- Reviewed by Megan C.

The Rowan is the fourth in the series. First of all, you need to know some terms:
Talents- telekinetics, telepaths, precogs,etc.
Primes- really strong telekinetics that run a station
Stations- places where Primes send shuttles to other planets and moons with shipments of products or materiel, or space ships
It takes place in Altair Station on Altair in the first part, then in Callisto Station on Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons in the second part. Even as a child, the Rowan was one of the strongest telepaths ever born. When her family's home was destroyed, her family killed, and she was trapped in a helicopter in a mudslide, a whole planet heard her mental distress calls for days until she was rescued. She was then taken in by the Altair Prime, Sieglen, and trained to become a Prime. Later, when she is running her own station, Callisto Station, she receives a mental distress call from the planet of Deneb from a man facing the destruction of his home planet from an attack from aliens. She chooses to help him, and on the way discovers her true love.
I recommend this book to people who like science fiction books. Warning: mature content.

Caddie Woodlawn By: Carol Ryrie Brink/ Review By: Hannah F.

Caddie Woodlawn
By: Carol Ryrie Brink
Reviewed by: Hannah F
This adventurous book by Carol Ryrie Brink is one of the best historical fiction books I have ever read. In this book, it explains a about a tomboy, Caddie Woodlawn who would rather hunt than sew and plow than bake. She and her brothers, Tom and Warren, get themselves into trouble and dare each other to do dangerous things. They live near the woods in Wisconsin. Caddie is good friends with the Indians, who scare everyone else in her town. They believe that the Indians are going to massacre them. Her mother and other sisters believe that it is wrong for a girl to be “free” to do whatever she pleases. They think that she should be cooking instead of fishing down by the pond. This book is set in 1864. Caddie is a brave and smart girl who ignores the sneers from other people in her family and her town. I thought this book was very good. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. This book is also very special because it is based on the life and memories of the author’s grandmother, the real Caddie Woodlawn. In summary, I think that anyone who likes the historical fiction genre should check out, Caddie Woodlawn.

Witches by Roald Dahl- Reviewed by Allison O.

The book that I read was The Witches by Roald Dahl. This fictional story describes the adventures of a seven-year-old orphan boy, who lives with his grandmother because his parents were killed in a tragic car accident. His grandmother always told him stories about REAL WITCHES and how to detect them from ordinary people. He is able to avoid them until his grandmother becomes ill and a doctor orders them to go to a seaside resort for rest and recuperation. This is where the story becomes both scary and funny. One day the boy stumbles upon a convention being held in the hotel which he quickly realizes is a meeting of all the witches in England. They are plotting to kill every child in the land because of their extreme hatred of them. The boy is ultimately caught by the witches who transform him into a mouse. In his new form, he must now try and stop the evil witches and their leader The Grand High Witch from destroying all children!

The character that entertained me the most in this book was The Grand High Witch. She tries hard to disguise her deformities by wearing a wig, pointed shoes, and long gloves. But, when her eyes begin changing colors, what comes next will certainly be cruel and cause much havoc for those in her path!

I recommend reading this book because it is so entertaining. I enjoyed it very much! It is such an imaginative tale, at times somewhat bizarre, that will make you want to keep reading to see what mischief will be next and keeps you wondering if the witches will ever get a taste of their own medicine in the end!

Black Duck by Janet Taylor Lisle reviewed by Sam A

Black Duck by Janet Taylor, is the story of a soon to be freshmen named David Peterson. David is out to find a juicy story to get him in the local paper. One day David heard a rumor that a rum runner (an outlaw who smuggled liquor illegally during the days of Prohibition) lived in town, and his name is Ruben Hart. When David goes to visit Ruben he is greeted by an elderly man over eighty. And even though David does not know it, he isn't only getting invited into Ruben's house; he is getting invited into an adventure of a life time.

In this story Ruben tells David about how he was a kid, and how he grew up in the era of rum running. Ruben tells David how it all started when he and his best friend Jeddy McKenzie found that dead body washed upon the shore down at Coulter's Beach. After finding the body, Jeddy and Ruben get involved with quite some characters. Police, New York Mobsters, Rum Runners, and most importantly liquor. And the only way to survive is to join the business itself, starting with the notorious rum running ship the Black Duck. But is this a risk to big to attempt?

Black Duck is a great book filled with suspense, mystery, and the lengths friends will go to. I recommend this book to any reader.

Help! Somebody Get Me Out of Fourth Grade

Help Somebody Get Me Out of Fourth Grade by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver is a funny book about a fourth grader named Hank Zipzer who lives in the big apple, New York. Hank is always getting himself in trouble, partially because he’s a class clown, and partially because he’s dyslexic. Hank hates his teacher Ms. Adolf and can’t wait to go to fifth grade. The only problem is, he may have to redo fourth grade.

During this book Hank’s parents have a parent teacher conference with Hank’s teacher. Hank doesn’t want his parents to find out he has to redo fourth grade. So Hank decides to try to pull off one big move to make sure his parents don’t go to that conference. While Hank is listening to his cousin’s radio show, his cousin has a contest and if you win you get tickets to a rock concert in Philadelphia. It’s a contest when you need to know the names of cities. So Hank gets his annoying sister Emily, and her friend Robert, who Hank hates, to help him win the contest. He gets Robert because he’s an encyclopedia that has a head, arms, and legs. Robert won the radio contest for Hank. Hank thought he was in the clear for his parents not going to this conference, but he may not be. First his parents have to want to go to the concert. Will Hank’s parents go to the concert? Will they not go to the parent teacher conference? Read this book and you can find out.

This book to me was a really funny one. This book is right for you if you enjoy laughing, and action. I think anyone who reads this book will enjoy it. Also, this book is the seventh book in the series. I hope everyone who reads this review will read this fantastic book.

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Mickey and Me Book by Dan Gutman Review by Kendall R

Mickey and Me, by Dan Gutman is a very good book. The genre of the book I would say is historical fiction. This is because its not a true story, but it has real parts in it, that actually happened in history. The book is about a boy Joe Stoshack, whose father gets in a terrible car accident. His dad happens to own a special and very rare baseball card. The card lets him do an amazing back in time! The card has Mickey Mantle on it. His dad tells Joe to use the card to go back in time. His dad gives this mission to Joe, his son because he believes Joe is the only person who can pull of this mission of his. As Joe is attempting this mission, many things occur. I don't want to give away any suprises, but many good and bad things happen. This book is a sports book, so if you don't like sports, I wouldn't recommend this book for you. Mickey and Me has lots of adventurous and suspensful parts in it. Once you start reading this amazing free reader, you won't be able to put it down. Overall, I totally recommend this book, and I really enjoyed reading it. Review by: Kendall

Specials by Scott Westerfield reviewed by: Leto K.

I read Specials by Scott Westerfield. This is the third book in the exciting series Uglies. In the first book Tally makes a long journey through the outside lands of Uglieville and New Pretty town to find the smoke where her friend Shay awaits her.In the second book Tally and Shay become pretty, which mean that their brains have nanos that make them vain and stupid.

Tally used to think that they were a rumor, but now she's one of them. Tally has become an agent for the city's hidden defence, Special Circumstances. She is now a super-amped fighting machine. Shay and her are now the leaders in a group that are highly respected by Dr. Cable, and all the members of Special Circumstances. The Cutters, the group's name, are given a mission to stop rebles smuggle pills to kill the nanos that make the Pretties stupid, inother words to cure pretties from being stupid. To Tally this isn't such a big deal to her. That's what Specials do--keep Uglies down and Pretties stupid.

She soon finds out that these pills come from the New Smoke*, the place Specials Circumstances is trying to shut out. The Cutters have come close to finding it, but lose the people that they are chasing.One night the rebels kidnap one of the Cutters while they are undercover looking for people smuggling pills. Tally and Shay must go and find Fausto, the kidnaped special, for he could lead them to find the New Smoke.What will happen when they find the New Smoke? Will Fausto be okay? Could an encouter with a close friend change Tally's mind about be this no feeling, super human killing machine? Find the answers to these questions in the third exciting book Special in the sequel Uglies.

New Smoke*- Find out in the book Uglies about what happened at the original smoke.

Al Capone Shines My Shoes by Gennifer Choldenko- Reviewed by Allie C.

I read Al Capone Shines My Shoes by: Gennifer Choldenko. It is the sequel to Al Capone Does My Shirts. The genre is fiction. The story is about a boy named Matthew Flanagan, who is known by Moose Flanagan. He moved to Alcatraz Island because his dad got a new job as an electrician and a prison guard. He also moved there because of his sister Natalie who has autism and so she could go to the Ester P. Marinoff School. The Ester P. Marinoff School is a school for people with disabilities. There are 24 other kids who live in the island. Alcatraz Island is a prison for the worst of the worst. Natalie loves to play with buttons. Moose gets mad sometimes because all the attention is on Natalie. His dad is home not very often because he has two jobs. Moose’s best friend is Scout. Scout is a GREAT baseball player. The story states, “And today is baseball day, because of my friend Scout from school is coming to Alcatraz this afternoon. Scout is Mr. Baseball. He has his own team and he can really play” (p.9). There is a girl on the island named Piper. She is the warden’s daughter. She is very snotty and gets what ever she wants. Piper is very moody sometimes. I say this because sometimes she likes Moose, and sometimes she hates Moose. I loved this book because you can’t predict what going to happen next. The book takes all different twists and turns. I recommend this book to all readers.

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Getting Even By:Mavis Jukes - Reviewed by Lauren F.

Maggie is a regular 6th grade girl dealing with her parents divorce. Her and her sister go back and fourth between her moms and her dads and she fits school in. Her best friend Iris is sort of a trouble maker. Maggie's mother is not a fan of Iris but Maggie does not care. But now the pest in Maggie's class, Corkey Newton, is on Maggie's case. He is the clean up captain but he acts like a private eye inspector by going into people's desks and reporting them for stashing candy in their desk. But now he has done the unthinkable. He puts a wad of hair into Maggie's sandwich and she is furious. She tells both her parents what happened but Maggie thinks nothing will happen to him because Corkey's uncle is the principal. Now her parents say to do something different. Her mother says to ignore him or tell a teacher. But her dad says get even with him take a chance on the wild side. Which will Maggie choose? I did enjoy Getting Even. It tells a story about divorce,bullies,and friendship. I think it is a great book for 6th graders to read. Also the characters act like real kids act so Mavis really put her mind into a 6th graders perspective.

Sleeper Agenda by Tom Sniegoski:Review by Kevin S.

The book Sleeper Agenda by Tom Sniegoski, is an exciting fiction book about a boy named Tom. In the first book, Sleeper Code, Tom finds something disturbing about his disease,Quentin's narcolepsy, which can put him to sleep for days. Now, in the second book he has to fight his alter-ego from taking control and his feelings towards the woman who had pretended to be his mother, but who was really his caretaker who had to keep him from knowing about his alter-ego. While this is going on inside of him, a secret government agency is trying to research Tom and his condition so they know more about it. Will Tom lose control of his own body? Read the book to find out.

Tom Lovett is a normal teenage boy at first sight. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite his condition, he is very athletic. Because of his condition, he doesn't know a lot of people.

I liked this book because it was interesting and not like other books. There's always something new "around the corner," so you're never sure what's going to happen next. Before you read Sleeper Agenda, you should read Sleeper Code first.

Slob by Ellen Potter

Reviewed by Jackson C.

Genre: Realistic fiction

This quarter I read the book Slob by Ellen Potter. It is about a boy name Owen that is as he says,"57% fatter than your average 7th grader." However, being fat is not the only thing he is made fun of for. He is pretty much a genius, but as he says, "I am not a genius, but I am one point short." He is referring to his IQ test were he was just one point short of the top rank. Owen is trying to lose weight during the book, so he goes on a diet (kind of). His mom gives him three Oreo cookies every day for lunch. One day, his Oreos are missing. The next day they are missing again and for the next two weeks to a month they are still gone each day. Owen decides to catch the thief. After many failed attempts, he sees the new kid Mason with three Oreo cookies stacked up. For the rest of the book, he tries to prove that Mason is the thief. His Oreos missing are not his only problem. He noticed that his lunch sack is also missing, his gym teacher is out to get him, and his sister wants him to lose weight. Will Owen catch the thief and solve his other problems? Read the book Slob to find out.

I thought that this book was a great book! I would give it a 5/5 stars. The book is very suspenseful, and it has quite a wacky ending. Overall, it may be one of my favorite books ever.I hope you read it!

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan- Reviewed by Elias C.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is an amazing book. This is the first book in the series and it is amazing, thrilling and exciting. The genre of this book is Greek Mythology. This story is about a boy named Percy Jackson who is in the sixth grade. He has ADHD and dislexia. He finds out from his best friend Grover that he is not normal like everyone else. Grover is a satyr and he goes to schools looking for Half Bloods so he can bring them to camp. He is a Half Blood or demigod which means half human and half god. With him being a Half Blood, monsters thirst for his blood so he is in danger. So Percy Jackson ends up going to a camp called Camp Half Blood with other Half Bloods like him. One Half Blood he meets at Camp Half Blood is Annabeth and she takes care of him when he is not well. She is the daughter of Athena. Percy gets put into the Hermes cabin because he is untedermined, and they don't know who his parent his. So he stays with the sons of Hermes and other undetermined Half Bloods like him. But the gods think that Percy has stolen Zeus's lightning bolt and they want him to return the bolt to Olympus in 14 days or a huge war will happen with the gods. So percy has 14 days to return the stolen lightning bolt that he didn't even steal. So he goes around the country with Grover and Annabeth looking for it.

So I think this book is great and very suspenseful. After I read the first book I couldn't just stop reading the other books in the series. With the all new adventures that he faces. There are five books in the series The Lightning Thief, Sea of the Monsters, The Titans Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian. I would suggest this book to anyone who likes adventure books, suspense, and of course Greek Mythology. So if you like these things I say that you should really suggest reading this series.

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Artemis Folw: The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer, Review by Ricky P.

Artemis Fowl The Eternity Code By Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl The Eternity Code is about an invention made out of fairy equipment. Artemis's bodyguard Butler is hurt and almost died. A man named Jon Spiro who is a big business owner in Chicago, stole this invention from Artemis. If Jon Spiro's people find out what this cube can do, the world as they know will be over. This invention Artemis made can do everything from simple phone calls, to hacking every computer in the world. So Artemis Fowl MUST get this invention back but since his bodyguard is hurt he calls for help. He calls Butler's little sister, Juliet. She is still in training, but Artemis does not have a chose. Also Artemis calls a fairy, named Holly Shorts a friend of Artemis. Also coincidently Mulch Diggems showed up because he worked for a gang that was helping Jon Spiro kidnap Artemis. So Artemis makes a plan with Mulch, Juliet, and Holly to steal the cube back from Jon Spiro. But since Artemis wanted to steal the cube back and not let the LEP do it, he had to accept the term of being brain washed of all the fairy things he knew. But Artemis does not want to forget, so he tell Butler to stay at home and find a way to keep his fairy memory. So read the book to find out how Artemis Fowl tries to steal the invention back from one of the most high tech building in the world, and how Artemis Fowl keeps his memory of the fairies.

Review by: Ricky Patel

Blister by Susan Shreve reviewed by: Julie M.

Alyssa Reed had the perfect life. The Reeds lived in a huge farmhouse with all sorts of animals. Alyssa had a mother who was totally fun and a dad that loved her more than ever. In addition to that her father owned the coolest bowling alley ever and she got to take her friends there every weekend. Just to top it off she was going to have a new baby sister soon.
Then one day things took a turn for the worst. Her little baby sister was born dead and her mother can't seem to get over it. All her mother does now is sit around and cry. Finally her dad comes up with a solution or so he thinks. Alyssa's dad decides that they should move into an apartment. This wouldn't have been such a big deal except for the fact that she was leaving all her friends and animals behind and her dad wasn’t even going to live with Alyssa and her mom. So Alyssa decides to change her name to Blister and have a personality that everyone would love. She thought that by joining the new cheerleading squad it would get everyone’s mind off of everything that was going wrong. The only problem with her plan was the cheerleading tryouts were not about talent it was about popularity. Will Alyssa be able to become popular enough to make the squad? Read Blister to find out.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review of Swindle

Review of Swindle by Gordan Korman

Reviewed by James S.

Swindle was a book that really kept me on the edge of my seat. Twice in the book It seemed that it was inching in the direction of a dramatic ending, but it seemed to go on and on, not that I particularly wanted it to end. It also had a sort of onomatopoeia in that their names matched their personalities just like the texts written by authors such as J.K. Rowling and Charles Dickens. The book was, as I said suspenseful and exiting, I did not particularly like the ending. I also felt some of the events in the book rather predictable. It had a wide range of hilarious and entertaining characters and was, although it is fiction, fairly realistic. It all starts when Griffin Bing and Ben Slovak find a rare Babe Ruth baseball card depicting him in a Red Sox uniform. They end up being cheated out of the rare million-dollar find by S. Wendell Palomino, (a.k.a. Swindle) a vicious sports memorabilia store owner who guards it as if it is Alcatraz.

To be continued...

My Sister the Vampire Vampalicious by Sienna Mercer- Reviewed by Jen K.

My Sister the Vampire Vampalicious is the 4th book in the fantasy/ fiction series written by Sienna Mercer. This book is about the continuing story of two identical twins separated at birth that end up discovering each other when they attended the same middle school. Olivia Abbot and Ivy Vega look exactly a like but are totally different. Olivia is a perky cheerleader and Ivy is a gothic vampire! Literally!

In this volume the girls face their worst nightmare….losing each other again. Just after being reunited with her long lost human twin sister for just a few brief months, Ivy is faced with the worst event possible ….moving away to Europe with her adopted Dad. After thinking about all the great times she had with her friends, her best friend Sophia, her boyfriend Brendan, and of course her twin sister Olivia at Franklin Grove Middle School, Ivy decides that moving away to Europe just isn’t going to happen.

Will these four friends figure out a way to change Ivy’s Dad’s mind and keep the twins together or will they be lost to each other forever? DON-DON-DON!!!! What secret does Ivy’s Dad have that is driving him to Europe? Who are Olivia and Ivy’s real parents? Can anyone help keep the girls together or are they doomed to be separated again? Read this super amazing book and find out.

Reviewed by Jennifer K.

Tales From the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne Post by Eic R.

Have you ever read Tales From the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne? It is a 270 page book packed with action!!! The book to me was amazing because it was fast-moving. You couldn’t put it down. It was a quick read, because the words were understandable, but was worth the read.

The main character is a king named Odysseus and his crew on a ship. Odysseus is strong and courageous character, and the crew is loyal to him. Because of the dangerous things that they encounter, sometimes the crew doesn’t want to do what Odysseus wants to do. When there’s a challenge, Odysseus draws a name out of a hat to make it fair and square.

The plot of the story is that the king went out to war to fight the battle of Troy. They won the battle, but Odysseus’ mother died, and he went to the Land of the Dead to see her spirit. And on their way home, Odysseus blinded a one-eyed giant, who then cursed him. Because of the curse, they faced such challenges as a witch, sea monster, bag of winds, and a whirlpool. My favorite part was when they were attacked by a sea monster that had six heads!!! They sailed swiftly past the monster and only lost 6 men.

Odysseus inspired me to be more aware of my surroundings. I recommend this book because it was action-packed, fast moving, and the greatest tale ever told, in my opinion.

Vampire Diaries:The awakening by L.J Smith reviewed by Sarah C.

In the Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert comes back from her vacation in France and meets a mysterious student named Stefan Salvatore. Elena soon figures out he has a secretive past. During the renaissance in Italy, Stefan and his brother Damon were in love with the same girl . Her name was Katherine. She had to choose either Damon or Stefan to marry, she could not decide, she chose both of them but they both wanted her to themselves. Katherine had turned them both into vampires and they killed themselves over her. Then Katherine was lost forever and they never found her. Now, Elena looks exactly like Katherine and Damon returns to try to win Elenas heart as well as Stefan. Elena realizes she is drawn to both of the Salvatore brothers but, Stefan is kind when Damon is a lot stronger than Stefan and tries to kill him for Elena. She finds herself trying to choose between them and also, she gets herself into a lot of danger. Who will she choose?

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Brian's Hunt by Gary Paulsen- Reviewed by Ryan V.

The story Brian's Hunt is a fictional story by Gary Paulsen. It is the third book in the series. Brian's Hunt is a very scary book that is full of suspense towards the end. In my opinion I feel that this book would appeal to anyone that enjoys reading bone chilling stories. Brian is sleeping one night and he hears barking noises. He goes out to look and sees a dog on the other side of the lake. He gets into his boat and he goes slowly towards it because he isn't sure if the dog has rabies. He walks slowly toward her and notices a wound and blood on the dog that he thinks was caused by a bear attack. Brian sews a patch like a bandage on the dog. Brian isn't sure whose dog it is but he befriends the dog. Then one day Brian decides to go visit his friends on the other side of the lake. He finds out that the mom,dad and three dogs were eaten by bears . Brian is shocked to learn that the dog he found and cared for was the fourth dog that was almost eaten by a bear. He starts to look around and finds his friend a teenage girl named Susen scared to death ,hiding in a raft on the lake. Brian saves her and finds out that the other two kids at the time of the attack were visiting their aunt. Susen calls for help and three planes come immediaely to help her and take her back to her aunts. Brian stays with the dog to attempt to go out and kill the devil bear. Will Brian and the dog die or will they suceed in killing the devi bear? You'll just have to read it to find out.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer Review by Hailee L.

When I first read the Twilight Saga series I fell in love with them. It is an amazing romantic story of a vampire (Edward Cullen) and an average every day girl (Bella Swan.) Bella is new to Forks High School, she doesn’t really like to stand out, but when she met Edward she knew he wasn’t like any other student. He almost seemed like he was from a different time. My favorite lines from the book had to be:

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…,” He murmured.

“What a stupid lamb,” I sighed.

“What a sick, masochistic lion,” He stared into the shadowy forest for a long moment, and wondered where his thoughts had taken him.

Jacob Black on the other hand, is on the other side of the fence, with the Quileutes. The “Cold Ones,” are mortal enemies to the Quileutes as they once would hunt on their land. To me the best part was the fight scene between Edward and James. The trees formed green walls on three sides of the Jeep. The rain was a mere drizzle, slowing every second the sky brighter through the clouds. They came out to a green baseball field where the whole Cullen family was waiting. The entire story was very good; now I have read the book more than two times.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How I Survived Middle School by Nancy Krulik reviewed by Julia

How I Survived Middle School is a realistic fiction book about a girl named Jenny and her friends. They are trying to outdo the pops which are the popular girls in spirit week. Then the science fair comes up and Jenny and her friend Chloe do an experiment on Jenny’s pet mice and try to overcome Chloe’s fear of Jenny’s mice. The main character in this book is Jenny. She is nice to everyone and a good friend who loves her pet mice. I think this book was really good. I think this because it went through the day, not just starting a new chapter randomly. I think girls would like this book more than boys would because it deals with a teenage girl’s life.
The River by Gary Paulsen reviewed by Hunter
Genre: realistic fiction

I read the book “The River” by Gary Paulsen. I liked the book “Hatchet”, I thought this book would be just as adventurous so that is why I decided on “The River”. This book is about a kid named Brian Robeson and Derek Holtzer (who is a government psychologist). Derek wanted to experience what Brian had encounted during the months he was lost over again. “Do it again, in the woods, with a knife not a hatchet, are you crazy?” Derek says, “but this time you will be with me and I will be taking notes so I can teach others the ways of survival.” Derek also wanted to bring all survival equipment and devices for this research. Brian was dead set against him bringing any survival gear except for the radio, just in case something happened.

Brian Robeson is the main character of this book “The River”. He is a young boy who has gone through: his parents splitting up, surviving a plane crash, living in the woods for almost 3 (three) months by himself, living without the luxuries of home, and mostly surviving. His character is couragerous , tough, hero, strong, determined, keen on his senses, all the movies that he had watched helped him with surviving, and determined to stay alive.

My opinion of this book “The River” is that you can’t put the book down. It is so exciting! I don’t like to read but in this case, this book is a must read book. The thrills, wilderness, adventures and the not knowing the end results kept me on edge while reading this book. I am looking forward to reading another Gary Paulsen book.

Everest by Gordon Korman

Review by: Chris
This book is Everest by Gordon Korman. This book is about these kids winning a contest from wrappers of candy bars. You win by looking in the wrappers for a letter. If you can spell out Everest than you win the contest. The prize is to get a chance to climb Mount Everest. The characters are Dominic which is the main character and Chrstian which is Donimic’s older brother. There is Ethan Zaph who is the number one climber in the country. My opinon of the book is that I liked it because it has a lot of action in it and it teaches you stuff about Mount Everest. This book is not the only one there are four other Everest books in the series and this is the first one!
LAWN BOY by: Gary Paulsen
Reviewed by Ilyas

Do you want to be rich one day? Read this book and one day, your dream will come true. It all started when a boy got a mower from his grandma on his birthday. It was summer vacation. One day, a man came to him and asked him to mow his lawn for money.

He needed to find enough money to buy a bike inner tube for that reason, he decided to spend his time making more money day after day mowing the neighbors’ lawns, rather than playing sports like other kids of his age.

A man named Arnold offered him stocks in return for mowing his lawn. The boy got richer and since he was doing so well, he needed to expand his business. I can imagine that a twelve year old boy being head of a company. The boy got fifteen people working for him and more lawns to mow.

The boy got richer and he invested on a heavyweight boxer with Arnold’s help. Unfortunately, the boy never told his parents about his summer business. But it was time for him to face his parents and tell them about the money gained in stocks.
His parents are the only ones who could give the permission of using this money.

I really, enjoyed this book because it has number of actions and suspense through out each chapter. It was an easy book to read and it contains some detail information on how to invest in stock markets.

The Zippity Singer by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver reviewed by Paige

This is a realistic fiction book. This book is about a boy Hank, who lives in apartment in New York. Then his grandpa comes to play catch with him and Hank has no socks to wear because he just put them in the wash. So he grabs the first pair he sees on the hamper and puts them on. When he looked down at the socks he noticed that they were his sisters monkey socks. When he goes down to the laundry room to play catch some thing happens. If you want to find out what happens you will have to read the book. Hank is in 5th grade. He lives in an apartment and his two best friends live in the apartment too. Their names are Frankie and Ashley. Hank has a dog Cheerio. They called him that because when he spins around he looks like a cheerio. Hanks sister has a pet iguana. I thought this was a good book. I thought this was a good book because it is about softball and I play softball so I thought that was cool. If you play baseball or softball you might like this book. At some parts of the book it is really funny. So this might be the book for you if you like funny books. The book keeps you wanting to read more as you go and the book might make you think about what is coming next or what he is going to do. I bet if you read this book you will want to read another one of his books.
Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen
Reviewed by Robert

Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen is a realistic book. Brian’s Winter is a good sequel to The River but this time he is in the winter. This is hard for him because he has to make a shelter that manages in the snow, and all the lakes are frozen so there are no fish. Brian does not know what to expect. Will he make it before the snow hits? Can any one find him this time in the snow? Brian Robeson is 13 trying to survive in the Canadian forest. He knows how to hunt, make fire and other skills to survive. I liked this book because it had good detail and this could really happen to someone in real life. Also if you liked this book there is Brian Returns and Brian’s Hunt.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Titan's Curse By Rick Riordan Review by Peter V.

The Titans Curse by Rick Riordan is a great fantasy story. It is the third book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The story is about a boy named Percy Jackson who is a half-god (which means one of his parents was a god and he has some god powers). Percy has some half-god friends who he spends a lot of this book with. Since Percy is a half-god there are many prophecies about him. One of which that has to do with the Titan Lord, Kronos. The gods banished the titans, but Kronos (after being cut up into tiny pieces and being tossed into a pit) is regaining strength. He is beginning to put together an army of monsters and half-bloods that Percy and the gods will eventually have to fight. And sadly enough one of his old friends is a part of it. This will be Percy's toughest battle yet. Percy is a funny, loyal, and always optimistic character. He is very good at sword fighting and fighting in battle. And in the saddest, or most serious times he always finds a way to crack a joke. When someone is not liked or is just the one who bullies pick-on Percy always befriends them. In my opinion this was a terrific book. It was exciting and thrilling. Anyone who likes fantasy will thoroughly enjoy this book!

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins reviewed by Jonathan S.

After winning the Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellarka return to district 12 from the Capitol, where the Hunger Games are held. The Hunger Games is an annual “game” in which one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from districts 1 through 12 are forced to fight to the death on live T.V. Also, they have to fight in an arena that is different every year, and it is filled with challenges such as poisonous food and flaming-rock catapults. The problem is that there is only supposed to be on winner of the Hunger Games, not two. The only reason Katniss and Peeta got out of the games with both of themselves alive is that in the arena, there is poisonous berries, and Peeta and Katniss planned to eat them simultaneously so they would both die, and save each other from a mournful future. Right before they ate them, an announcer announced that they would both be winners of the Hunger Games. The announcer did this because if there was no winner of the Hunger Games, he would have been executed.

The Capitol is very mad at Katniss and Peeta because their attempt to sabotage the Hunger Games was, of course, on live television, and everyone from the Capitol to district 12 saw it. Ever since ten, a rebellion has been brewing in the districts, and it could erupt into something huge! The only was Katniss can keep herself and those she loves alive is by pretending that she only pulled the berries out because of her undying love for Peeta (which she doesn’t really have). Can she do it? Will there be a rebellion? Read this book to find out!

The Queen of Attolia by: Meghan Whalen Turner

Review by Carl G.

Eugenides has never been caught on a mission, nor has he ever failed. He kept this "streak" alive in the first book when showing his bravery and intelligence. But this is all about to change. Eugenides will be faced with a consequence from one he fears very much. And the traits he showed in the first book, will have seemed to be temporary. But this consequence will affect more than him. This consequence is bigger than Eugenides.

But Sounis, Attolia, and Eddis have a bigger problem on hand besides Eugenides. War is slowly creeping up between these three countries. And to add on to that, Attolia is working with the Mede Empire, a very powerful empire that could crush each country. Will Sounis and Eddis be forced to form an alliance, or will Eugenides have to step up, and go to drastic measures to save his country? With everything at stake, someone or some country is going to have to do something.

This is one of my favorite books, and I highly recommend it. The author of this book (Meghan Whalen Turner) has a very efficient way of writing. She's able to give you a lot of information and description about something without taking up the whole page. Because of this, and because of the fact that this is a great story, you never get bored when reading. This story is very interesting, and has a turn in it that you will never expect.

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It's Not The End Of The World by;Judy Blume

It's Not The End Of The World by Judy Blume

I just finished reading It’s Not The End Of The World, By Judy Blume. This has got to be in my top five books that I have read. I really enjoyed this book, 1. It was shorten enough, but not too short that you have to interrupt things. 2. I could relate to the story. And 3.The author made Karen Newman (the main character) a crystal clear image in my head. I would rate this book five out of five. I will never forget this rich, wonderful book. This story was about roughly a 12-year-old girl, whose parents are getting divorced. Karen has two siblings, Amy, roughly five years old and Jeff, roughly 15 years old. Karen is taking her parents' divorce really tough and, so are her brother and sister. It all happened of a sudden. One night, the dad just left. He lived in a motel, around the area. The mom and dad fought all of the time. They fought about everything imaginable. Some examples are when the mom started dinner before the dad got home from work (he was late.) The mom over reacts about everything the father stated that he did not like the icing on the cake, so the mother threw the cake at him. Read It’s Not The End Of The World, to find out more about Karen and her family.

Fever Reviewed by Caroline S.

The book Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson is a striking and unforgettable book. This book is about a girl named Mattie who struggles when her town got hit with the “yellow fever” and the whole town went upside down. Almost everybody got hit with the fever, causing the whole town to get out of order. Many of the jobs weren’t able to get done. One of the things that weren't able to be done were the mailmen being able to deliver the mail. So if you wanted to send a letter to a family member or friend that didn’t live nearby to make sure that they’re okay and don’t have the yellow fever, you wouldn’t be able to.

Mattie really wants to take care of her mother because she got sick and didn’t want her to get the fever that was spreading, but her mother doesn’t want her to. That’s because if Mattie was to take care of her, then she would most likely get sick too. Throughout this story, Mattie struggles because of the fact that her town is out of order. I would too! Imagine just walking the streets without any noises at all. Maybe the only thing you would hear were cries from people who just lost a friend or family member. Throughout this story is excitement but sometimes sadness. But I recommend reading this book to everyone!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Lost Island of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar: Review by Jacob I.

I read The Lost Island Of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar.

This is an adventure story, It's about Maya and Simon Nelson on their way to Bermuda, where she hopes to stay behind with her Granny Pearl. The Pamela Jane the family boat runs into rough weather. Mami and Papi are swept overboard, leaving the children to sail on alone. The shore where they landed is not on any map. To reach Tamarind from the Outside, as the inhabitants call our world, sailors have to cross a magical blue line in a storm-tossed region near the Equator. Only a very few Outsiders have ever made it through, and even fewer of those got home again.

Over the course of the book Maya and Simon search for their parents and a way home. With help from a boy named Helix,a tribe of cloud-forest orchid farmers and a troupe of giants and mermaids, the children face mighty rivers, pirates, jungle beasts, soldiers fighting a civil war, the child-snatching Lady Who Rides the Jaguar.

The book’s magic lies in its amazing plot. The author uses her knack for realistic details comparing them to the magical parts. Invisible palm trees guard a cave with a lake of healing water: “They could hear the palm fronds rustling now, a sound distinct from the rustling of the breeze through the grass. Although the palms could not be seen, the light beneath them was green and golden and played in dappled shadows over their upturned faces.” The Lost Island of Tamarind has a gentle spirit, combining its dangers with warmth.

I thought it was a great book and you will too.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen: Review by Andrew W.

Samuel is a thirteen-year-old boy who lives in America as the Revolutionary War is beginning. His family’s property is right next to a forest, which is where Samuel spends most of his time. He hunts for bears, deer, and other creatures that bother his neighbors (such as wolves). One day, when he is in the woods, the British attack his family’s and neighbors’ property, killing most, but keeping several, including Samuel’s parents, alive as prisoners. Samuel, upon returning and finding a destroyed home, pursues his parents’ captors. He finds that Iroquois natives are with the British. Two of them find Samuel when he is near their camp, and attack him. He shoots one with his hunting rifle, but the second knocks him out with his tomahawk. When Samuel wakes up, he finds himself in a rebel camp. Several of the rebels had seen what happened to Samuel and got rid of the Iroquois native. Eventually, though, Samuel leaves to rescue his parents from New York, New York, which has become a British prisoner city. He meets up with some unexpected friends along the way who help him. It is around this time that Samuel discovers his parents were spared because the British officer who attacked them saw a chessboard in their house, and wanted someone to play chess with.
I really like this fiction book because it is fast paced and exciting all the way through. After each chapter is a paragraph or two about what something was like in that time period. Usually, it has to do with something that happened in the chapter. This is a great book.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HARRY POTTER and the Order of the Phoenix: Review by Hunter L.


by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter is now going into his fifth year at Hogwarts. He has already encountered Voldemort three times, and has been surrounded by Death eaters and Dementors several times. I wonder what will happen this year!?

Harry is still living at his aunt and uncle's house, and with their son, who is now the leader of a gang. One day his cousin's gang is pestering him, when suddenly the sky goes black, and him and his cousin are being chased by Dementors. He produces a Patronus and the Dementors disappear. Back at the house, he receives a howler from the Ministry of Magic. As it opens it screams a message about a hearing he must go to, or he will be expelled from Hogwarts! That night while Harry is sleeping, Moody, Lupin, and Tonks sneak in and bring him to "The Headquarters." Once there Harry greets Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, and George. They soon notify Harry, that the adults are downstairs in a meeting. They are in a group called "The Order of the Phoenix." At the hearing, Dumbledore shows up and helps Harry get out of some tight spots. The good part is, that Harry is cleared of all charges.It is finally the first day of school, and Harry can't wait. On the ride to school, he meets Luna (aka "Loony") Lovegood, who appears to be as sane as him. He also wonders why both Ron and Hermione are the Gryffindor perfects. At the feast that night, Dumbledore mentions that Professor Grubbly Plank will be filling in for Hagrid while he is gone, and that the new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher is Professor Umbridge. Harry notices that Professor Umbridge is the same lady who voted that he should be expelled from Hogwarts. At the beginning of his first defence class, Professor Umbridge confirms that for the whole year they would be learning out of textbooks instead of practicing the spells with their wands! When the class argues,

Umbridge states, "Why do you think you will need wands in my class?," and

Harry yells, "Well, what if VOLDEMORT comes, isn't what this class is about?

"He who must not be named is not back, nor will he ever be."Umbridge says.

"I saw him with my very own eyes last year!" yells Harry.

"That is a lie." Umbridge says, like it is all made up, "Detention Potter."

That weekend Harry has a nightmare that Mr. Weasley was being attacked by a snake, but the weird part was, he was the snake!That night Harry and Ron go to Professor Mcgonagall and are sent by portkey to the headquarters for winter break. At the Ministry of magic, they find Mr. Weasley covered in blood guarding the "weapon." Harry tells Dumbledore about what happened, and Dumbledore instructs Harry to take Occlumcy with Snape. Harry is not too thrilled with this idea, but he knows he will have to do it. Every night he keeps having dreams about what Mr. Weasley was guarding, and every night he gets a little further. The next day, Ron and Hermione inform Harry that they want him to start a defence group for students who want to be taught by him. He agrees, and at the Hog's Head that day about twenty students show up, including Fred, George, Ginny, and Cho. The only thing is, they will need a place to practice. That night, Dobby sneaks in from the kitchen and informs Harry about a room called, "The room of Requirements," and where it's located. Within the next week, the group meets and comes up with a name. Cho suggests "Defence Association," but Ginny says

"I like D.A., but lets make it stand for Dumbledore's Army,"

and it is left as that. In a few months, students can already produce a Patronus, and disarm one another. One meeting Dobby warns them that "She" is coming, so they make a break for it, but for some of them it's too late. That night Harry has a nightmare that Sirius is trapped in the Ministry of Magic, and is being tortured by Voldemort. He alarms Ron and Hermione right away.

"How do you know that Voldemort's not trying to trick you " Hermione states.

"I'll break into Umbridge's office with Sirius' knife, and use the floo network to go to his house, and if he's not there, were going to the Ministry." confirms Harry.

While Fred and George set of fireworks around the school, Harry is able to sneak in and use the floo network. According to Kreacher (Sirius' house elf), Sirius is not home! Before Harry can escape Umbridge's office, she catches him, along with Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, and Luna. Hermione eventually tricks Umbridge, and they fly to the Ministry. Unfortunately, it is only Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Luna because Fred and George flew away from school on their brooms, letting off more fireworks as they went, so they would be remembered. Once they arrived they went straight to the door Harry saw, which turned out to be the the Department of Mysteries, and they opened it. They walked a little further where Sirius and Voldemort should be, but they weren't there!

"Over here Harry," Neville calls.

On one of the billion shelves there is a prophet with Voldemort and Harry's name on it. Harry snatches it, and out of nowhere eight Death Eaters appear, including Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Hand over the prophet" demands Malfoy.

"Now," yells Harry.

"Stupify," screams Ginny.

"Expelliarmus," bellows Ron.

There are flashes of green and white light dashing everywhere. They all sprint into another room with a veil in the middle.

"I think were safe,"says Harry panting.

Eight tornadoes of green light appear and then the Death Eaters.

"I will ask you one more time," sneers Malfoy, "Hand over the prophet!"

"Don't do it," yells Neville, who is currently in a headlock.

"Neville Longbottom," laughs Lastrange, who performed the Cruciatus curse years ago on his parents.

Harry hands the prophet to Malfoy, and out of nowhere Moody, Lupin, Sirius, and Tonks appear.

If you want to know what happens next, you'll have to read the book.

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer reviewed by Simran P.

Eclipse, by the very talented Stephanie Meyer, is a book I completely fell in love with. With the length of 629 pages, Eclipse is the third book in Meyer's thrilling Twilight Saga series. The genre of the book is fantasy, and also a romance novel. While reading, I found this book to be a little bit more exciting than the first two books in the series. Although the book is fairly long, I have no doubt that you will have a ravenous thirst to read on.

This endearing novel takes place in Forks, Washington. In the book, we have our main character Bella Swan, return with the same awkward, simple personality. Bella is caught in a game of tug-of-war between her charming vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen, and Jacob, her huge, best friend who is a werewolf. Also, Bella is trying to figure out how to answer a cruical question in which Edward is anxious for. Bella is craving the idea of becoming a vampire, but she knows that the treaty between the Cullens' and the La Push werewolves would come to an end, and she would damage the relationship between her and Jacob.

In Seattle Washington, there has been a lot of murders taking place around the area.

The Cullens' think that there is a new, dangerous vampire doing the killing, or the return of either the Volturi, (who Bella encounters in Italy) or Victoria seeking revenge for what happened to her mate. Either way, they are coming for Bella, and possibly putting her life at risk. Will the vampires and werewolves come together to save Bella's life, and will they still be able to not break the treaty while protecting their land? That is for you, reader to figure out.

I would give this book a 5/5 star rating. Like I mentioned beforehand, I loved this book. I greatly enjoyed Stephanie's great description, and the suspenseful action. This book is definitely a page turner, that will reel you into it's very imaginative world of immortility, as well as humanity.

I recommend this book to fans of the amazing Twilight series. Although this book is open to both boys and girls, I think that girls would have a much greater appeal to it than boys. Be sure to read the first two books first, for you will have a hard time understanding if you skip directly to this one.

Hurry to the library, and checkout the irresistible book, Eclipse. I promise you, that it will have you addicted, and "thirsty" for more. After you're done, be sure to read Breaking dawn, the final book of the saga. :)

The Mother Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick

Reviewed by Claire W.

Hey! My name is Cassidy Sloane, and my mother was a famous model, Clementine Sloane. But I like to play ice hockey and I am a tomboy, unlike my fashion fiasco mom. My sister, Courtney, has a lot in common with my mom. The only person I used to be like was my dad, but he passed in an accident when we were still living in California.

Hi. My name is Jessica Delaney, Jess for short. I work on a farm with my dad and two twin brothers. My mom ran off to New York to be an actress, but I miss her a lot. I’m also really smart, but super shy.

Hello! My name is Emma Hawthorne. My BFF is Jess, but I still like everybody else! I’m not really into fashion, mostly because of my curves. (But, I sort-of do care because my crush, Zach Norton, goes to my school.)

Hi! My name is Megan Wong. I have a passion for fashion, and sketch all of my beautiful ideas in a sketch book, which my “tree hugger” mother hates. My friends and I are called the “fab four” (not in a good way) by Jess (goat girl), Emma, and Cassidy. I used to be friends with Emma, but my father invented some crazy machine and we got rich quick, so I grew up.

In The Mother Daughter Book Club, these four different girls learn a lot about friendship, love, and loyalty. When their mothers (all except Jess’s) form a Mother Daughter book club, they are forced to have a meeting each month at each girl’s home.

I liked this book because it was really interesting to see all of the girls' points of view. It was cool to see the girls became friends through the book club even though they didn't like each other in the beginning. In my opinion, I don't think boys would like this book because of the focus on girls.