Sunday, June 6, 2010

The BFG by Roald Dahl

For my 4th quarter blog post, I read The BFG by Roald Dahl. This book is total classic with lots of magic and wonders. It all starts with Sophie. Sophie, is an orphan. She live an orphanage called, The Clonkers House for girls. One night, Sophie can't sleep. Instead of trying to fall asleep, she goes over an peeks out of her window. Now Sophie doesn't know this, but, she is in a time called the witching hour. The witching hour is a time when all of the dark things crawl out of their caves or holes and have the world to themselves. So, while Sophie is looking out her window, she sees something tall and black. It was very tall, and very black. Suddenly, the giant swivels its huge head towards Sophie. Terrified, Sophie jumps back into her bed and hides under the covers. She doesn't hear anything for a moment. So Sophie peeks over the covers. And she sees a giant hand coming toward her! It swoops her up and carries her off.

If you want to know what happens in the rest of the book, you have to read it to find out. I will tell you a tiny bit. The BFG at 24 feet tall, is the smallest of the nine existent giants. Once again, the BFG is a mystical and magical book full of myteries and marvels. That is what I read for this quarter.

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