Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keys to the Kingdom Lord Sunday written by Garth Nix: Review by Tim F.

This is the final battle of Arther's army. He has been sent into the incomparable gardens with Superior Saturday in an assault ram of nothing (a thing that is inky black and destroys everything and makes up everything). He was being watched by Lord Sunday who was in the form of a gardener. Arthur was ambushed and his signs of power or keys of power were taken from him. He was taken on a giant dragonfly and was bound to a clock that has a trap door in it that contains puppets that rip your eyes out. Luckily he is not mortal any more so his eyes will grow back. What is he going to do? He had a elephant that was a stuffed animal. He made it into a nithling (a monster that is completely made of nothing). Will he get the key from Sunday or will he die first? Will he get destroyed or will he live? Read the book to find out!

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