Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pendragon the pilgrims of rain by D.J.Machale

The book I read is about a boy named Bobby Pendragon and he had to protect the island he lives on called Ibara. He had to protect it from the rest of the Veloxx, like the fighters and Dados. Dados are mechanical robots from another world that Saint Dane the villain of the book brought. Before that Bobby almost died from the Quigs that attacked him when he came to the island. Also it is said that this world had two turning points. That mean that Saint Dane once ruled it, but some people escaped. Those who did are the people who live on this island or colony built by them. So that is when Bobby joined up with these people who were kids and thieves but weren't bad people. So he and these kids hijack a ship from the tribunal who is the leader of the village. So then they take the ship to a city called Rubic City. There they meet fighters which I mentioned before. They were the ones who Bobby had to protect the Island from. Then he meets up with some travelers who are on his side and with thier help and his friends (the thieves) they are able to take down that fighters. After that they take down Saint Dane, but Saint Dane didn't die because he is immortal. That is part of this book. Read it to find out what Bobby does and what happens at the end.

Reviewed by: Ricky P.

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  1. good book Im going to read it but you shouln't have said that Saint Dane is immortal because that gave away that part of the adventure for me.Also you might want to say what the Quigs are on Veloxx.
    other than that I whould like to read the book:-)!!