Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nightlight: Review by Carolyn P.

Nightlight By The Harvard Lampoon

Nightlight, by The Harvard Lampoon, is a parody (to make fun of) of Twilight. It is an amazingly funny fantasy set in the modern day. The story starts when a weird, brainless girl named Belle Goose leaves her mom in Arizona. She moves to Switchblade, a small rainy town. Belle has always been super superstitious. When she moves to Switchblade she thinks she is so popular. She always has been a flirt. She thinks all the men love her. When she gets mail from the mailman she thinks that he is sending her things.

The other character in the book is Edwart Mullen. He is a nerd who has no friends and is kind of smart. Belle thinks that Edwart is the most beautiful thing on earth. Belle believes Edwart is so beautiful that he must be super human. Edwart is actually ugly.

My opinion of this book is ***** (five star) -- it was hilarious. I was amazed at the quality of the humor. It was so awesome, I would absolutely recommend it. Also, if you are a big Twilight fan like I was, you may be a little offended. In conclusion, if I had to pick ONE of my favorite comedy books, Nightlight would be the one I would choose.

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