Tuesday, June 1, 2010

North or be Eaten By Andrew Peterson (Review by James M.)

We find our heros from On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness in their uncle Artham's (a.k.a. Pete the sock man) house in a tree. Tink, Janner, and Leeli recently found out they were the children of the high queen and king of the shining isle, Anneria. Tink was the high king, Janner the throne warden (Tink's protecter), and Lelli was the song maiden. Their town was about to be invaded by the horrible lizard-like Fangs of Dang. Their only chance to escape was to flee to the Kimmera in the ice prairies where Fangs couldn't fight or run. If they could make it they would be free and possibly be able to return to Anneria to start rebuilding it. They set off and right off the bat have some trouble as they get attacked by an army of 10,000 Fangs, 500 trolls, and 100 giants. Will they make it past this? If so will the make it to the Kimmera? Or even Anneria? Read to find out.

This is an amazing story of battle, close escapes, and treachery. I loved this book, but definitely read the prequel (On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness also by Andrew Peterson) before reading this book. It has a great surprise-after-surprise ending.

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